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This Week in Rust

Welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust!

What’s cooking on master?

47 PRs were merged this week.

Breaking Changes

Other changes

New Contributors

Our first-time contributors this week are:

  • Dave Hodder
  • Ian Daniher
  • Isaac Dupree
  • g3xzh

Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting discussed static linking, changing how let _ = foo is handled, task joining, autoderef, and user-defined vector types.

Announcements, etc


Thanks to Lars Bergstrom for This Week in Servo! Servo is Rust’s sister project, and I think it’s nice to be able to see a highlevel of its progress. Maybe TWiS will graduate to a separate blog someday.

This Week in Servo

Servo is a web browser engine written in Rust and is one of the primary test cases for the Rust language. Starting this week, TWiR will include a status update from Servo.

There were 14 landed PRs this week.

Notable additions


Having spent the prior week at a workweek with Samsung in Korea (where there were several presentations on both Rust and Servo! ), the meeting was pretty light this week. It mainly covered getting more formal tracking of the work required for ACID2 and prioritizing Windows support.