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This Week in Rust

Welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust.

What’s cooking on master?

46 PRs were merged this week.

Breaking changes

Other Changes

  • Vectors have more overflow checking. This was the cause of a few mysterious segfaults.
  • Crate maps can now be generated for libraries, for when you want to embed a Rust library in a non-Rust application.
  • Creation of buffered readers/writers has been optimized a bit.
  • If you use OS X, you’ll be happy to see that the frivolous “no debug symbols in executable” warning has been stomped out.
  • The missing-documentation lint is now more accepting, and won’t warn about private items.
  • BufWriter, an implementation of Writer for already-existing buffers, is now implemented.
  • The native IO backend has seen a good boost; it will now be seamlessly fallen back to when the libuv backend isn’t available (you can test this out by adding #[no_uv]; to your crates).
  • A lint for numeric literals which overflow their type has been implemented.
  • A Buffer trait has been added to std::io, with read_line, read_until, and read_char.
  • The error message when the trait’s method declaration and the method declaration in the implementation aren’t the same now includes the trait name.
  • The libuv bindings were largely rewritten for performance, at the sacrifice of some flexibility (which was of questionable value).
  • _-prefixed variables no longer get an unused mut warning.

New Contributors

Our first-time contributors this week are:

  • Jaemin Moon
  • Jay Anderson
  • Joe Schafer
  • Matthew Iselin
  • Zach Kamsler

Weekly Meeting

There was no meeting this week, as a bunch of the core developers were in South Korea for the Servo workweek with Samsung.

Announcements etc