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This Week in Rust

Hello and welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust. We’re gearing up for the 0.8 release in 2-3 weeks. It looks like it’s going to be a really solid release. I’ll write another State of Rust, hopefully before it is released.

What’s cooking in master?

68 PRs were merged this week.

Breaking changes

  • std::iterator has been renamed to std::iter.
  • The std::num::Primitive trait is now constrained by the Clone and DeepClone traits, as well as Orderable.
  • Some more free functions have been removed from std::vec. unzip now takes an iterator, a Permutations iterator has been added, and some rarely-used, obsolete, functions were removed.
  • A bunch of changes to Option and Result were made. Specifically, chain was changed to and_then and unwrap_or_default to unwrap_or.
  • rustpkg builds into target-specific subdirectories now.

Additions and fixes


The Tuesday meeting discussed the github commit policy, implicit copyability, patterns, and the fate of &const.

Other things