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This Week in Rust

Hello and welcome to the tenth issue of This Week in Rust. This week marks the enabling of the new runtime written entirely in Rust. A lot happens every week, so I’m going to start omitting PRs that I deem of lesser importance. This process is entirely arbitrary, don’t feel hurt if I exclude your PR :).

What’s cooking on master?

Issue churn was -12 this week. A total of 70 PRs were merged.

The new runtime has been enabled by default. This is the culmination of a lot of work by brson and the rt interns (toddaaro, bblum, and ecr being the ones I know of). It’s written entirely in Rust, and lives in std::rt. Additionally, the old C++ runtime has been removed.

Breaking Changes

Notable library additions, bugfixes, and cleanup

Notable compiler additions, bugfixes, and cleanup


The Tuesday meeting seems to have been a bit under-attended. SIMD, ARM, trailing nulls, order of mod and use, and the condition system were all briefly discussed..

Discussion + Blog posts

External projects